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Fortune Bending Contest

Well I figured out it would be cool to have a contest about the next avatar episodes. It’s very simple; all you have to do is make a list of things you think will happen. The list can contain from five to ten things. After the episodes air, the person who has guessed the most right wins. There will be first place, second and third plus a special category in which you will have the chance of voting.


  • The contest starts today

  • All entries must have a minimum of five things (entry lines), the maximum is ten

  • The entries must be under the fortunebending1 tag.

  • Once you summit the entry you can not edit it.

  • You can write about anything you like

  • If you do not want to partipate any longer and you’ve already posted your entry, you are allowed to delete it, but cannot enter again

  • Some things on your list will not be valid after the episodes announcements.
    On July 1st bending_blah wrote: Azula will cry, then on July 2nd the episode trailer arrives and they show Azula crying, this entry line will count, but those who post it after they’ve seen it on TV wont. They will still partipate but the line won’t be valid.

  • The winners will be announced after the episodes air

  • You have until July 13th to enter

  • Have fun

  • Entry Example:

    1.Sokka will eat momo.
    2.Katara will kiss Iroh
    3.Zuko will hug Azula
    4.Appa will be bold
    5.Mai will laugh very hard and hug Tai Lee
    6.Ozai’s face will be shown

    All winners will receive a banner and the first place something additional which I’m still undecided so I made this poll. If you vote for other, please feel free to suggest whatever you think would be best.

    Contest 1st place winner
    First place should win...
    Icon Set
    Mood theme

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